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If you are looking for an edge on the local competition for your business, this may be just the opportunity you are looking for. Chris Howell’s carpet and rug dyeing courses are designed to teach you and your business how to develop the dyeing and restoration skills that brought Howell and Colorful Carpets international recognition. This travelling intensive course turns cleaners and restoration professionals into specialists, with the skills that Howell has used in working in the United States White House, Palaces in Dubai, and other prestigious locations around the world. Become a specialist among specialists. Learn more below.
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Full Carpet Color Change

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Rug Color Restoration

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Bleach Spill Repair

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ColorClean Service

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Advanced Stain Removal

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Side Seam Matching

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If you are a veteran, please contact Chris Howell to inquire about our US veteran’s training program. We have a limited number of free slots available. You will need to furnish proof of your past or present military service. Call Chris at (240) 753-5395 or by email at: Read more about the program here.

California | February 2024

Hawaii | February 2024

Chicago | March 2024

North Carolina | April 2024

UK (England) | May 2024

Turkey | June 2024

Greece | June 2024

Alaska | July 2024

Atlanta | July 2024

Chicago | August 2024

Las Vegas | September 2024

Texas | October 2024

Florida | October 2024

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What is Carpet Dyeing and Rug Color Restoration?

Rug & Carpet Dyeing is the art of restoring color pigments to a carpet or rug after years of wear and tear, color loss from sun fading or a bleaching agent, or adding pigments to change an existing color. Using these dyeing techniques, a specialist can: change the color of someone’s carpet, repair a bleach spill, tackle difficult stains, restore the beauty of hand woven rugs, and even create custom designs. 

What Will You Learn at a Colorful Carpets Dye Training Course?

At the 1 day bleach repair course, the following topics are taught by the instructor Chris Howell:

Color Theory
Fiber Identification
Color Application
Chemical Neutralization
Spot Dyeing

At the full 3-day restoration course, Chris expands upon the bleach repair concepts with the following:

Full Room Dyeing
Persian Rug Airbrushing
Color Restorations
Carpet Seam Color Blending
Marketing and Sales

All Colorful Carpets Dye Training courses are 95% hands-on training. All color matching techniques are taught with the revolutionary ColorCue® App which can be purchased after taking the course!

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